Band Lineup and our history

Current Lineup
Joe Cocker - Vocals

2019 – present

anal fistfuckers fäkal
Fäkal Kardinal - Guitars, Bass, Drums

2018 – present

Goregrind Singer
Eternal Masturbator - Vocals

2018 – present

Band History

How it all started

In 1999 5 funny musicians got together and recorded a demo tape. It was sent out with the inscription “Attention letter bomb”. The shipment was opened by the police robot and brought a house search of the police in front of the school. We were advised to stop making music, but we still made 4 tapes and then it was time to change the band name. Anal Fistfuckers was born!

2004 came the first CDr split with Spermageddon
After that Wife Executer took over the guitar. El Excremento on Drums and Maniac Shit Eater the Vocals.

Then it went on
2005 the demotape “Scheisse Fressen”
2007 the CD “Death Penalty for Rape Victims”.
The gig at the Henker Festival 2 in the Jugenhaus Nagold was legendary. We had a vacuum cleaner on stage who has seen more sausages than Veronika Moser. Absolute chaos and a lot of Golden Showers. After the gig the following Porngrind band(!) demanded to disinfect the stage otherwise they won’t play ahhahaa. The other gigs at that time went similarly which gave us a ban on performing in the region.

Then Wife Executer left the band and after that there was a break until 2011.
With a new rehearsal room and Dr. Typhus on guitar we finally found our sound.
2 years later came “Excrement for the world” and also the entry into the social networks. After that everything went so fast, with Splatter Zombie Records we have found a great label where “Scat Porn Maniacs” was released one year later. Some splits followed and in February 2015 the “Mexican Scat Tour”.
After that we played 3 more shows until April 2015 and after that Dr. Typhus also left the band. Again without rehearsal room and guitarist we faced the old problems again. “Maniac Shit Eater” also left the band shortly after.

In 2017 Bronko and Eternal Masturbator joined the band.
With the new line up we have released “6 x Kotstulle Zum Mitnehmen” a split with Bizarre Ejaculation / Bowel Evacuation / Cerebral Enema / Anal Fistfuckers / HxMxRxS / Gecinyelő.
“Scat and Candies” a tribute to grind CD with a few unreleased tracks.

In 2018 two other splits were released: with Crocodile and Vaginal Cadaver.

After Dr. Typhus has left the band and the loss of the rehearsal room we were unable to carry on. But with me Fäkal Kardinal on Guitar he has found a brother in porn who will continue the scat paradise. After that Joe Cocker from Orgasma Plasma on vocals has joined the band.

We are happy that the mastermind El Excremento has stayed with us as a guest singer 😊

Currently we are working on our new songs to make the girls shit their panties.

Past Members
El Excremento

2004 – 2016

Fekal Jesus

2016 – 2016

Maniac Shit Eater

2004 – 2015

Dr. Typhus

2011 – 2015

Wife Executer

2005 – 2008

Blue Shoe

2004 – 2005

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