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All the latest news about us and our projects can be found exclusively here. Since we are real artists, we have of course also developed significantly. Away from fecal humor to esoteric and philosophical topics that allow deep discussions on a completely different level. Our literary fan club does not accept everyone. You have to masturbate at least 10 times a day and be able to quote passages from the book “The Critique of Pure Reason” by heart.

Around me were the echoing dunes, beyond me the cold and sparkling silver of the sea... We two will pass through death and ages lengthen before you hear that sound again with me. Don't forget the condoms bitch!

December 2022

New Compilation

The next volume of “Ten Times Terror” compilation CD is out now through Muddy Swamp Records.
Get your copy now. Be quick or die tryin.

November 2021

New Split

The “Porngrind ist Krieg” Sampler is out now and it’s called “Monsters Of Porn Vol. 1”. Finally there is new material from us. Released through Global Spermageddon Productions in a cardboard sleeve, limited to 100 hand numbered copies. You should be quick to get one of the popular GxSxPx collectibles.

August 2020

Summer, Sun and Scat

After a break and some line-up changes we are back. We have recorded a new totally shitty album and we are already looking forward that nobody will listen to it voluntarily. A lot has happened and we owe our three loyal fans around the world again Low Budget Scat Grind which is as superfluous as gonorrhea on a romantic date. We also recorded a few songs for the “Porngrind ist Krieg” sampler. So there is something going on at the Scat and Piss Hit Factory.

We are still desperately looking for female groupies with whom we can masturbate together. If you feel addressed, please contact us HERE. You should still have all your teeth in your mouth and be between 57 and 87 years old (preferably 69).

Oh and we have as you can see now our new website online. This are good and important news.

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